Did You Know Why A320-family is the Bestselling Narrow-body Aircraft?

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On 2020-02-06
Did You Know Why A320-family is the Bestselling Narrow-body Aircraft?

It is calculated that around 70% (20,242 planes) of the total demand for aircraft over the next two decades will be for the narrow-body variety, and Airbus A320-family aircraft is considered to be a winner in this market. Let’s uncover why it is the world’s bestselling narrow-body aircraft:

  • A lot of sales come from the Asia-Pacific region, as it has a driving demand for low-cost carriers, or LCCs, that demand more narrow-body aircraft. It is estimated by Airbus, that 8,000 new aircraft will be acquired by the Asian Pacific airlines over the next 20 years.
  • The A320, as claimed by Airbus, is the most comfortable short to medium commercial passenger aircraft.
  • Airbus offers extra-wide seats which make it far more comfortable for the traveller to sit. A standard seat is 46cm wide but the A320 seat is 51cm, making it 5 centimetres wider.
  • Weighing in from 68 to 93.5 tonnes, it’s considered to be very lightweight.
  • Flying at 426.72 metres and reaching only 64.9 dBA it’s viewed as a low noise aircraft.
  • Airbus claims that A320 emission levels in comparison to other aircraft are the lowest. Therefore regarded as very environmentally friendly.
  • When A320 was made, its full digital fly-by-wire flight control system was a very innovative, cutting-edge system and a very new experience for most pilots.
  • Another trait that distinguished the A320 from other aircraft was its full glass cockpit as other airliners used hybrid versions.
  • It was also the very first airliner to use side-stick controls, which is basically a joystick to fly the plane with.

It is curious whether the Airbus A320 family-aircraft will maintain its lead, but for now, it stands strong among the ever-growing competition and secures its position as the world’s best-selling aircraft.

References: airbus.com

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