Become a pilot for 1 hour

Have you ever wondered what feelings come up when flying Airbus A320 aircraft not as a passenger, but as a pilot?

In case you would like to know what it feels like to be a real pilot, you can take your seat in the cockpit.

BAA Training Vietnam offers you a unique opportunity to try yourself in the role of a pilot in a full flight simulator.

  • 96% of a real flight sensation
  • impression of real airports through visual screen
  • feeling of real flying created by the motion system

And these are not the only things you will be entitled to during your flight. At the same time, you will:

  • discover where and how the pilots are trained
  • fly a brand new Airbus A320 full flight simulator (with the assistance of an experienced instructor)

Become a pilot at least for a little while! Enjoy an hour* flight for 14.900.000 Vietnamese dong only (1-2 people).

*longer duration is available upon request

Become a pilot for 1 hour

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