26 Feb

BAA Training Vietnam Introduces Second A320 FFS

BAA Training Vietnam, a brand new aviation training centre located in Ho Chi Minh, announces expanding their training equipment. A state-of-the-art Airbus A320neo full flight simulator has been assembled and approved by Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam (CAAV) to provide pilot training in Vietnam. A modern 3000-square-metre training centre opened doors in September of 2019 and with their first Airbus A320ceo full flight simulator started to provide pilot training for both airlines and independent pilots. As the first training device has already reached its full utilisation, the second, this time Airbus A320neo full flight simulator, is being introduced to the market. In...

11 Feb

Vietnam aviation in 2019 and the outlook for the future

Indisputably one of the fastest-growing aviation markets in the world, Vietnam, is not going to stop its growth in 2020. It is projected that in 2020 Vietnamese local airlines will expand, new ones will launch and, as a result, the market will face an enormous deficit of qualified pilots. Let’s take a look back at how 2019 was for the aviation industry in Vietnam and what to expect in the upcoming years. Tourism is growing exponentially Over the last few years the aviation industry of Vietnam, which has a population of 96 million people, has witnessed massive growth. Over 100 million visitors...

Did You Know Why A320-family is the Bestselling Narrow-body Aircraft?
6 Feb

Did You Know Why A320-family is the Bestselling Narrow-body Aircraft?

It is calculated that around 70% (20,242 planes) of the total demand for aircraft over the next two decades will be for the narrow-body variety, and Airbus A320-family aircraft is considered to be a winner in this market. Let’s uncover why it is the world's bestselling narrow-body aircraft: A lot of sales come from the Asia-Pacific region, as it has a driving demand for low-cost carriers, or LCCs, that demand more narrow-body aircraft. It is estimated by Airbus, that 8,000 new aircraft will be acquired by the Asian Pacific airlines over the next 20 years. The A320, as claimed by...

CBTA in training - one step forward towards safer skies
9 Jan

CBTA in training – one step forward towards safer skies

“Mistakes are inevitable in aviation, especially when one is still learning new things. The trick is to not make the mistake that will kill you”, once said Stephen Coonts, a naval aviator and the author of numerous New York Times bestselling novels. Indeed, human errors play a major role in aviation incidents and accidents. Actually, it is agreed that 80 percent of aviation related incidents involve so-called human factors, and a significant proportion of these are related to operator error. This is not something new. Since the 1970’s human error has been recognised as a major contributor to numerous aviation incidents and...

19 Dec

BAA Training Vietnam to start 2020 with 90% of utilization

BAA Training Vietnam, a brand new aviation training centre in Vietnam, ends the year with the outstanding results of the first quarter of operations as it is about to enter 2020 with 90% utilization of the first Airbus A320 full-flight simulator. The branch of BAA Training – a globally recognized aviation training provider and one of TOP 3 biggest independent aviation training centres in Europe, has been established in Vietnam in 2018 as a response to growing pilot demand in Vietnam and the Asia-Pacific region. As the construction of modern and spacious 3000-square-meter training facilities has been completed in 2019,...

Pilot shortage issue opens up new possibilities for locals in Asia
10 Dec

Pilot shortage issue opens up new possibilities for locals in Asia

That which promises a bright future for wannabe pilots will conversely prove be a headache for local airlines. In other words, when one loses, the other wins. Rapidly increasing pilot demand in the Asia-Pacific region has opened the window for aspiring airline pilots. Global air-traffic is set to double in the next two decades with the biggest increase expected in the Asia-Pacific region. According to the International Air Transport Association, almost 4 billion passenger journeys are expected in this region alone. Local airlines are already struggling to find skilled pilots and in the future it’s going to be even more difficult for...

BAA Training Vietnam certificate
19 Sep

New Aviation Training Centre in Vietnam is Ready to Train Pilots

BAA Training Vietnam, brand new aviation training centre, announces being officially ready for training, as the training centre receives Approved Training Organization (ATO) status and the first Airbus A320 full flight simulator is fully assembled and approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam. BAA Training Vietnam as a branch of BAA Training, one of the TOP 3 biggest independent aviation training centres in Europe, has been established to assist region with the high quality aviation training. Currently it offers an exclusive Airbus A320 type rating training as it is one of the first training providers in the region to add...

Did You Know What Qualities a Successful Pilot Needs?
11 Sep

Did You Know What Qualities a Successful Pilot Needs?

Every single profession requires particular abilities and personality traits, which enable a person to do his job as good as possible. Did you know the main qualities that a successful pilot needs? What personal qualities are needed for a future pilot before training? The first thing that the one needs to have is a clear view of the goal which should correlate with strong determination and stamina. This is highly important in order to get through training and succeed in finding a job.  During training a person will experience significant highest and lowest points of this theory and practise tests and exams...

white planes in the airport
3 Sep

Pilot-hungry airlines struggle with global pilot shortage

Airlines are facing an increasing pilot shortage worldwide. As a result, they are grounding the aircraft and cancelling flights around the globe. What is the real situation? IndiGo, which is India’s largest passenger airline, grounded 10 Airbus A320-neo aircraft and cancels 30 flights per day due to several reasons including pilot shortage. In addition to this, the number of cancelled domestic flights in Australia reached 10,808 last year. Flybe, European regional airline based in England, cancelled 10 flights at the beginning of April. Therefore, at the same time low-cost airline Ryanair, which operates over 1,800 routes and owns a fleet of...

23 Apr

How to Responsibly Use Social Media if You Are a Pilot?

We all know the pilot profession is highly competitive and a pilot himself / herself is sometimes described as a movie star of an air transportation show. However, being a pilot means being visible all the time by everyone, especially on social media. It’s not a secret that many employers are now using social media to identify employees and even to screen potential recruits before deciding if they should offer them a job. Being smart about how you present yourself through social media can have a big impact on your career prospects. As well as making sure that your digital profile...