Join Boeing 737 NG Type Rating Course for EASA Licence

Would you like to become a pilot of the most popular type of aircraft in the world – Boeing 737 NG? Acquire the highest quality EASA pilot qualification – join B737 NG type rating course at BAA Training headquarters in Europe to get your professional pilot career going.

Currently, there are 6,617 Boeing 737 NG aircraft being operated worldwide making this aircraft model the most popular in the world. 

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Course Content

Theoretical part

Theory part of the Boeing 737NG type qualification is a Theoretical Knowledge Instruction consisting of 124 programmed academic training hours (45 minutes each) over a period of 16 training days.

Training aids used for theoretical and practical system training are selected on the basis of their capacity to present the individual system’s operation in the most realistic, effective and productive manner possible. These include:


  • Computer-Based Training (CBT)
  • CBT for the FMS
  • Mock-up of a flight deck
  • Classroom Instruction, practical training and examinations
  • Limitations
  • Mass & Balance Calculations
  • Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM) Performance (Tables)
  • Operational Procedures Training

Distance learning

Boeing 737NG Type Rating distance learning is now applicable at BAA Training. The new EASA approved Boeing 737NG Type Rating program is a flexible training solution for pilots to study 72 hours of the Ground course program syllabus in your preferable location outside the training centre.

  • Why choose Distance Learning?
  • Gain more flexibility planning their crew training
  • Save on living expenses and daily allowances
  • Shorten the period of your pilots being “off duty”

Practical part

The practical part of Boeing B737NG type qualification training will be conducted on the brand new B737 NG full flight simulator at BAA Training (Lithuania). Flight Phase Instruction consists of 8 sessions (32 hours) and a skill test (4 hours), 36 hours in total, on the Boeing 737 NG FFS. Each FFS session comprises 4 hours of flight training for a crew of two pilots. A minimum period of eleven days is required and the training time is divided between Pilot Flying and Pilot Not Flying. The last session is a skill test.

A briefing starts an hour before the flight session, whereas a one-hour debriefing takes place after the session.

Base training

Flight training is performed within 60 days after successful completion of the training on the FFS. Base training for multi-pilot aeroplanes, with a trainee pilot having over 500 hours of the MPA experience on an aircraft of a similar size and performance, includes at least 4 landings of which at least one is a full stop one. In all other cases, the student completes at least 6 landings. The aircraft training provided does not exceed 2 hours*.

Additional Training

For your convenience, your Airbus A320 type rating course may be supplemented with various additional courses that you can choose to acquire additional or needed pilot skills.

  • MCC course
  • JOC course

Entry requirements

  • Licence: Valid CPL (ATPL theory) or ATPL
  • Ratings: Valid multi-engine (ME) and instrument rating (IR)
  • Qualification course: MCC certificate of completion* (*MCC can be integrated into the Type Rating training upon request)
  • Flight time: 70 hours as a pilot-in-command (PIC) of an aeroplane
  • Physical status: Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • English language proficiency: ICAO level 4

By choosing BAA Training in Europe you get:

  • To train at one of the TOP 3 biggest independent aviation training centres in Europe
  • Proven experience preparing high qualification pilots for leading worldwide airlines
  • Personal manager
  • Visa support
  • Airport pick-up
  • Opportunity to obtain a full training package in one place including:
    • Computer-based training (CBT)
    • Course material
    • Base training

    Modern training facilities for pilots

    Type Rating theory will be delivered at BAA Training headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania. Therefore, everything at BAA Training Aviation Academy is designed to meet students’ needs and to create the best environment.

    BAA Training facilities at the HQ in Vilnius include spacious and modern classrooms, briefing and de-briefing rooms with mock-ups, and a brand new B737 NG full flight simulator.

    The facility features a relax zone. You can also have lunch at the dining room, have coffee or snacks from the vending machines.

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