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Would you like to fly the most popular aircraft in Vietnam? 76% of the current Vietnam fleet consists of Airbus A320 family aircraft. With us, first and only independent aviation training centre in the country, you can become a type rated pilot of Airbus A320 aircraft in just a few months! Airbus A320 type rating program at BAA Training Vietnam aviation academy is approved by the CAAV (Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam).

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Airbus A320 Type Rating Course Content

Theoretical Part

Theoretical Knowledge Instruction consists of 76 in-class training hours plus 36 hours (9 sessions) on IPT (Integrated Procedure Trainer) that stretch over a period of 15 days.


  • Trainee’s welcome & Welcome briefing
  • CBT: Aircraft systems presentation CBT: Self-study
  • Virtual cockpit preparation Performance
  • Cabin trainer (optional)
  • Systems test & debriefing
  • Performance test & debriefing
  • FMS Trainer
  • IPT Trainer A / B / C sessions
  • Session preparation with Procedure Data Package APT Trainer
  • IPT Trainer 1 to 9 sessions
  • IPT Trainer 9 debriefing
  • APPI: Airbus philosophy – SOP’s – Pilot Interaction

Practical Part

The Flight Phase Instruction consists of 8 sessions (including LOFT*), 32 hours in total +1 session Skill Test (4 hours) on the brand new Airbus A320 FFS.

A minimum period of eleven days is required and the training time is divided between Pilot Flying and Pilot Not Flying. The last session is a skill test.

A briefing starts an hour before the flight session, whereas a debriefing takes place for an hour after the session.

*LOFT – Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT) is carried out in a flight simulator as part of initial or recurrent flight crew training.

Additional Training

For your convenience, your Airbus A320 type rating course may be supplemented with various additional courses that you can choose to acquire additional or needed pilot skills.

  • MCC course
  • JOC course
  • Job preparation training

Entry requirements

  • License: Valid CPL (ATPL theory) or ATPL
  • Ratings: Valid multi-engine (ME) and instrument rating (IR)
  • Qualification course: MCC* certificate of completion (*MCC course could be integrated into your type rating training program)
  • Flight time: 70 hours as a pilot-in-command (PIC) of an aeroplane
  • English language proficiency: ICAO level 4
  • Physical status: Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate

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Next available dates of Airbus A320 Type Rating training course:

  • 2021 – June


  • 2021 – July


  • 2021 – August





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By choosing BAA
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you choose:

  • CAAV approved ATO with local airlines trust
  • 20 years of experience in the field
  • Brand new 3000 m2 training centre
  • Training on a brand new state-of-the-art training equipment
  • Convenient pilot training centre location
  • Personal training manager
  • Premium accommodation solution *

*For your convenience you can choose staying in villas located next to the BAA Training Vietnam pilot training centre to save your valuable time and get a luxury rest. The accommodation is not included into Airbus A320 type rating cost, therefore an additional fee is applied.

Become a pilot of Airbus A320 – the
most popular aircraft in Vietnam

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