BAA Training Vietnam Now Offers an ATP Bridging Course

Written by baavietnam

On 2021-08-12

BAA Training Vietnam has recently introduced an ATP Bridging course for pilots holding a valid CPL licence gained outside of Vietnam. It is a theoretical instruction training aimed at pilots looking to convert their existing licences to those fully approved by the CAAV. Without completing the ATP theory course and taking the corresponding exam, a licenced pilot who obtained their licence outside of Vietnam cannot move further to get recruited by a Vietnamese airline.

Vytautas Jankauskas, CEO at BAA Training Vietnam, comments: “As practice shows, many Vietnamese who come from the US and Australia back to Vietnam only hold a CPL, but without  the ATP theoretical knowledge part, which does not allow them to apply for a Type Rating course and eventually getting hired by one of the Vietnam’s airlines. Therefore, for them, the ATP Bridging course is a stepping stone towards their end goal. The program they can get at BAA Training is authorized by the CAAV and complies with the highest industry standards.”

“We will soon start delivering the ATP Bridging course for more pilot students sent by a local Vietnam’s airline who will also be taking other types of training within the pre-agreed full training package.”


Vytautas Jankauskas, BAA Training Vietnam CEO

Vytautas Jankauskas, BAA Training Vietnam CEO

ATP Bridging Course content

The course contains 14 ATP theoretical subjects that students get graded against and one non-graded subject – Area 100 KSA – to develop and access student pilots’ specific non-technical competencies based on ICAO core principles. The ATP Bridging course takes 257 training hours to complete and requires students to study intensively 5 days a week, 6 hours per day.

The training will be conducted via a convenient learning tool from Bristol Ground School – ATPdigital. The material covers all EASA Learning Objectives and is accompanied by animated diagrams, videos, a built-in question bank and tests for easier grasping.

Minimum entry requirements

To apply, one must be at least 18 years old, hold valid CPL(A) IR License, a valid Class 1 Medical Certificate recognized by the CAAV authority, a valid ICAO English Proficiency Certificate (at least a level 4) and assessment of previously acquired theoretical knowledge from CPL(A) IR.

ATP Bridging Course – a major milestone on the way to a Captain’s seat

The ultimate target of many pilots is to move up in their careers and become airline Captains. It is achievable upon completing clear consecutive milestones, one of which is the ATP Bridging course in case there is a valid CPL licence in order to obtain the ATPL (A) licence, matching the highest international standards and recognized by the Vietnamese Civil Aviation Authority. Two other pivotal conditions for taking a Captain’s seat in the cockpit one day are getting type-rated and logging at least 1500 flying hours.




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