Did You Know What Qualities a Successful Pilot Needs?
11 Sep

Did You Know What Qualities a Successful Pilot Needs?

Every single profession requires particular abilities and personality traits, which enable a person to do his job as good as possible. Did you know the main qualities that a successful pilot needs?

What personal qualities are needed for a future pilot before training?

The first thing that the one needs to have is a clear view of the goal which should correlate with strong determination and stamina. This is highly important in order to get through training and succeed in finding a job.  During training a person will experience significant highest and lowest points of this theory and practise tests and exams at CAA. Sometimes these hard days can demotivate a person who is determined to achieve the goal.  For this reasons, determination and stamina are very important for people who decide to start their career in this field.

Successful pilots need to have a combination of many qualities:

Authority. A future pilot knows how and when to take the lead and control. The pilot is confident in his skills and abilities and does not hesitate to take a responsibility for the safety of each flight. Also, it includes the ability to handle a difficult situation. This is a critical trait for pilots to have, especially in an emergency.

Self-evaluation. The pilot knows how to resolve problems or weaknesses on his own. He does not step back but takes responsibility for actions and makes efforts to improve his skills.

Respect. He knows how to respect his colleagues, flight regulations and procedures. His top priority is safe behaviour and respect for those on board and the aircraft he flies.

Lifelong learning. He knows how important training and recurrent training are even if he has 40,000 hours on his logbook. He never stops learning and improving his skills.

Humility. He values others with more experience and seeks for their advice. He learns from others in order to fly safer and perform tasks better.

Planning. First, he carefully makes the plan for the flight, then he follows it and checks the performance as well as values safety. He re-plans if there is a need and analyses his flight after landing so that he can perform better next time. Actually, he performs a plan-do-check-analyse circle.

Precision and determination. He is precise when it comes to safety and planning. He pays attention to details and is determined to fly frequently and to conduct a high-quality performance.

We wish you not to forget to keep your goal in focus!