Coming soon: Multi-Crew Pilot Licence Program (MPL) with Job Guarantee

In cooperation with a local airline, BAA Training Vietnam is about to launch an MPL training program. From zero previous aviation experience to a First Officer’s seat in just 18 months – the mission is possible. The program will be designed to meet the highest industry standards and the latest CAAV regulation.

Having completed the training, you will be able to act as a co-pilot on a multi-engine, multi-pilot, turbine-powered commercial aircraft under visual flight rules (VFR) and instrument flight rules (IFR).


To obtain an MPL licence, you will take the following pathway:

  • The theory at BAA Training Vietnam facilities
  • 12 weeks of flight training at our flight base in Spain, Europe
  • A320 Fix-Base Simulator (FBS) and Full Flight Simulator (FFS) training at BAA Training Vietnam
  • Taking a comfortable First Officer’s seat at an airline – GUARANTEED


Yes, it’s not a joke. All of the above efforts will not be in vain – you will get your pilot job guarantee! Successful candidates will progress to being co-pilots on the Airbus A320 at a well-known airline in Vietnam (to be revealed soon).


Some further background about MPL:

  • Competency-based training methods and threat and error management techniques incorporated into all phases
  • Enables mastering of airline procedures from day one
Course structure
  • ATPL theory (Vietnam)
  • Core VFR/IFR – flying single-engine, multi-engine piston aircraft and FNTP II (Spain, Europe)
  • Basic, Intermediate, Advanced – theory + flights in Airbus A320 fixed-base simulator (FBS) and full flight simulator (FFS) (Vietnam)
  • Base training – flying the real Airbus A320 aircraft (Vietnam)
  • Line training – flying at the airline in accordance to the airline’s OM-D (Vietnam)
Minimum entry requirements
  • Age: over 18 years old
  • Physical status: valid 1st Class Medical Certificate
  • Education: secondary or higher
  • English knowledge: TOEIC 600 or equivalent

All candidates will need to go through special tests and interviews developed by the selection commission of the BAA Training Vietnam and the airline.


Pilot training locations

Your training will be held mainly in Ho Chi Ming City, Vietnam. You will only need to relocate to Spain for approximately 12 weeks for the core VFR/IFR phase to fly single-engine and multi-engine piston aircraft and FNTP II.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

BAA Training Vietnam is proud of operating modern training facilities of 3000 sq. m. located just 30-minute drive from the airport. Along with its spacious classrooms, briefing/debriefing rooms and a luxury lounge, the training centre operates the most technically advanced brand new training equipment:


  • A320ceo FFS
  • A320neo FFS
  • IPT device
  • V9000 Commander for firefighting training
  • 2 more FFS expected by 2023

Lleida-Alquaire, Spain

European branch – BAA Training – is one of the TOP 3 biggest independent aviation training centres in Europe building aviation professional future globally. Over 20 years of experience on the aviation market in total and almost 10 years in the Ab Initio training placed the academy on the map of aviation academies of the first choice for future pilots. BAA Training started operating in Spain in 2018 by establishing their Ab Initio flight training base in Leida-Alguaire international Airport.

BAA Training fleet consists of 20+ aircraft of Cessna 172S, single-engine Tecnam P2002JF and multi-engine Tecnam P2006T.

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